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    Tara does come to the Rescue: Three Personal Encounters with Tara

Tara does come to the Rescue: Three Personal Encounters with Tara

A most beloved female buddha, Tara is renowned for her swift and compassionate activity. It is not hyperbole when we say she rushes to the aid of beings when we call upon her with heartfelt devotion. Below are three students who have experienced Tara when she was most needed:

From James Coleman, Pd.D, author, teacher
I have been fortunate to learn a wide palette of Vajrayana techniques and approaches from Lama Palden, and at first Tara practice was just one among many.  But when I experienced a health crisis and [...]

The Best Way to Die

IT HAS BEEN SAID that we will die in much the same way as we have lived. If we lead a good life with love, compassion and less selfishness in our relationships and daily life, then the force of that goodness will lead us to a peaceful and loving death.

The Dalai Lama and other great teachers tell us that to die with bodhichitta,the wish to be of benefit to all beings, is the best way to die. The heart that is filled with love and compassion is the essence [...]

Meeting our Experience

As people on the spiritual path it is imperative that we not only hold the awakened ones and our teachers with honor and appreciation, but we need to relate to ourselves, each other, animals, our earth mother and all that is with reverence, kindness and love. This can start from the inside out with they way we treat ourselves and those close to us. We can bring a sense of openness, kindness and patience to meet our experience. What happens is mostly not in our control, but how [...]

How to Use Writing as a Spiritual Practice

Jane Brunette has taught meditation and writing internationally, and has been practicing Tibetan Buddhism for many years. She offers the following guide to using writing as a spiritual practice.

WRITING can be a powerful spiritual practice, helping us to integrate our active mind with the mind of meditation. By using it as a process of inquiry, it can also help us track our progress in loosening attachments and habitual states of mind. As little as ten minutes of writing practice a day, following a short meditation or your meditation [...]