Unlocking the Body: A Doorway to Full Awareness

Zuleikha is an international performer, Storydancer and educator whose teaching empowers others to cultivate creativity and rejuvenation through movement. Her non-profit organization, The Storydancer Project, works with those in marginalized communities – from cancer patients and trafficked women and girls in India, to school children and mothers in New Mexico’s Navajo Nation – helping ordinary people to experience stress-free awareness in the body, which brings a sense of wholeness and joy. I recently spoke with her about her work. Here, Zuleikha shared with us something of her approach, as [...]

A Message from Barbara on Monday Night Meditation

Dear Friends,

As the Monday Evening Meditation class – Opening the Gate – resumes this week on September 11th at 7pm, I would like to thank the members of the community who have been coming regularly for your patience during the month long retreat at the center.  I hope that you all had a prosperous and restorative summer.

Hopefully, your meditation practice and our weekly conversations have given you some helpful tools to use in your daily life. Practicing the dharma is much more than just sitting on the cushion. Though [...]

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    The Buddha’s Dream of Liberation: New Dharma Book by James Coleman, with Chapter by Lama Palden

The Buddha’s Dream of Liberation: New Dharma Book by James Coleman, with Chapter by Lama Palden

Wisdom Publications has just released The Buddha’s Dream of Liberation: Freedom, Emptiness and Awaken Nature by long-time sangha member James Coleman, which includes a key chapter from Lama Palden on Tara practice. James has published numerous other books, including The New Buddhism: The Western Transformation of an Ancient Tradition. His new book explores the great teachings of the three turnings of the wheel of Dharma that are the foundations for all Buddhism. It takes key passages from the great sutras and then explains them in plain, everyday English in [...]