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    Three Bridges West 12-Part Mysticism Series with Lama Palden

Three Bridges West 12-Part Mysticism Series with Lama Palden

Alexandra and John Dickerman of Three Bridges West have finished their 12-part documentary: What is Mysticism?.  Episodes include: Exploring Mysticism and the Mystical Journey, The Mystic Path to Understanding, How is Mysticism Different from Religion?, Religion and Dualism, How Can We Achieve a Mystical State, Techniques for Mystical Awakening, Mystical Awakening Through Prayer, What is Awakening or Enlightenment?, Mysticism and Death, The Spiritual Pilgrimage and Mystical Path, Magic and Miracles, and God and Love.

Featured in this series: Fr. Richard Rohr, Timothy Freke, Rabbi Aubrey Glazer of Congregation Beth Shalom, [...]

Lama Palden’s Talk on the Spiritual Path (video)

On Friday, March 21st, Sukhasiddhi Foundation hosted an open community gathering to celebrate the Spring equinox. Lama Palden led a meditation and gave a deep and thoughtful talk about the meaning and purpose of “the spiritual path”.

She emphasized that the spiritual path at the heart of every authentic tradition is inherently both difficult and rewarding. By approaching it with loving kindness towards ourselves, we become able to let go of old patterns and to be of benefit to others, even when faced with challenging situations.

Our mind can be liberated, [...]