from left, Pat, Robin, Gail, Stephen and Annik

With the end of the month-long Chod retreat August 31st, Sukhasiddhi teachers Pat Berube, Annik Brunet and Stephen Gross complete over 15 years of daily practice and study, including all practices done in the traditional Shangpa three year-three month-three day retreat, as well as four years of teacher training.  Pat, Annik and Stephen are the first at Sukhasiddhi to complete the full range of practices outside of three year retreat, with Gail Ferrari and Robin Winn, who also did the entire Chod retreat, close behind.  The sangha and wider community congratulate you all for an important and inspiring accomplishment.  As friends wrote from Australia: “We wanted to congratulate you all for accomplishing the three year retreat.  In this amazing world, there are not so many who have the courage and fortitude to complete this level of commitment over time.”

The month long Chod retreat itself was a daily extended Chod practice, with a shorter evening practice, going from 9:00am to 9:00 pm daily.  Each day and evening a tsok (feast) was also offered, with Gail Ferrari preparing the most

Lama Dondrup leading Chod

beautiful Chod plates.  Lama Dondrup participated daily during the first two weeks, with Lama Palden, fresh from her sabbatical, joining the last day.  Many sangha members joined for the evenings.

May the world be showered with blessings as a result of their efforts!

Sukhasiddhi Foundation offers four sequential multi-year programs which encompass the full range of practices done in the Shangpa three year retreat, the training ground for Shangpa Lamas: the Dharma Training Program, the Bodhi program, the Shangpa Program and the Lineage Program.  If you have ever had a desire to do the three year retreat, but can’t take three years out of your life, or are interested in exploring these practices in a structured program, we invite you to consider participating in these rare offerings.