March 4, 2018 @ 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM America/Los Angeles Timezone

machigMACHIG LABDRÖN’S CHÖD practice is a radical method for cutting through ego-fixation and cultivating compassion and fearlessness. Through chanting, visualization, and music we welcome negative mind states and harmful forces that ordinarily give rise to fear and reactivity. We make offerings which nourish and satisfy them, and in the process we come to see the equality of all phenomena and our indestructible true nature.

Lama Döndrup will be leading a monthly Chöd puja. Chöd practitioners of all levels are encouraged to attend. This is primarily a practice group, so while there will be some guided visualization there will not be extensive teaching. Students are welcome to request access to recordings of Lama Döndrup’s Chöd Class Series.

Prerequisites: Participants must have been taught this Chöd practice by an authorized teacher.  Permission to attend is required in advance if not a Sukhasiddhi member – email here to receive permission to attend.

Location: Sukhasiddhi Center, Fairfax CA.

Cost: Donation. Contribute online or by cash or check when attending the event.

Questions? Please Contact Us if you would like to join the Chöd practice group!


lamadondrupLama Döndrup has practiced and studied in the Buddhist tradition for over twenty years. After five years of Theravadin Buddhist training, she immersed herself in the teachings and practices of the Shangpa and Karma Kagyu Vajrayana lineages. In 2005, she completed the traditional three-year retreat and was authorized as a lama. In addition to her Buddhist practice, Lama Döndrup has trained in the Diamond Approach for seven years and has a Masters of Fine Arts degree in piano performance.

Sukhasiddhi Foundation maintains a fragrance free environment. Please do not use any scented lotions, colognes, after shave, shampoo, etc. while attending Sukhasiddhi events. Thank you for your consideration.