Join Lama Palden and Lama Drupgyu as they authorize and welcome the new Sukhasiddhi Lamas

Pat Berube

Annik Brunet

Stephen Gross








We warmly invite all members, students, and friends s to come together as a community to welcome Sukhasiddhi teachers Pat Berube, Annik Brunet and Stephen Gross as they are invested in the authority of Shangpa Kagyu Lamas

Approximately 18 years ago, Annik and Stephen, along with several others, asked Lama Palden to allow them to study and practice the advanced practices of the lineage.  She agreed, and the first Sukhasiddhi multi-year program began – creatively titled the Five Year Program.

Pat Berube joined the program shortly thereafter.  The program’s purpose was to teach all of the practices and studies that are undertaken in the traditional three-year retreat, but done in daily working life.

Stephen, Annik and Pat finished the practices, along with a four-year teacher training program this August, with the month-long Chod retreat, which is the traditional way that the three-year retreat is completed.  In addition to the practices that are done daily, they have been teaching classes and the new programs at Sukhasiddhi over the past eight years.

In this evening, we will honor the devotion of these teachers, and show our gratitude and appreciation for their dedication to the lineage, the teachings, and to Sukhasiddhi Foundation.


Space is limited, please let us know you are coming: RSVP here.

Sukhasiddhi Foundation maintains a fragrance free environment. Please do not use any scented lotions, colognes, after shave, shampoo, etc. while attending Sukhasiddhi events. Thank you for your consideration.