April 12, 2018 @ 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM America/Los Angeles Timezone

Relaxing with Impermanence and Change

7 Thursday evenings: March 22 through May 3, 2018, 7:00-8:30pm

This class can be taken in person or online by live stream and video and audio recording

Cultivating the heart mind loosens our grip so we can relax with uncertainty.   As we rest with the ebb and flow of each present moment, we will naturally relax with impermanence and change

In these 7 classes, you will be guided in shamatha meditation through which you can have a direct experience of the appearance of change in the midst of our innate pure and open nature.  Relaxing with impermanence and change not only helps us to meet the challenges in our life with equanimity but also prepares us for a peaceful and loving death for ourselves and others.

We will also practice inquiry to help us uncover beliefs and ideas that limit our ability to open to our innate nature and to loving kindness for ourselves and others.  Both inquiry and shamatha meditation can open a direct personal channel to experiencing the teachings that are life changing.

In this series, we will be looking at our own mortality, impermanence and begin to open to the fact that we are going to die. Exercises and meditations will assist us to begin to integrate a fresh perspective into our life, helping create a unification of our heart mind that can lead us to genuine happiness.

Please join us for these inspiring and fun classes.

This class is offered on a stand alone basis, but is also part of the Dharma Training Program, which supports participants to move more deeply into this subject over a five month period. Click here for more information on the Dharma Training Program.

Participation Options: This class can be taken in person or online by live stream video and video and audio recording.  With the online option, you can access the class while it it going on through live streaming video, or watch the recorded video at your convenience.  An audio recording of each class is also made available, for downloading.  Recordings are available for several months after the class. In you will be taking the class online, please indicate this choice on your registration and instructions will be sent.

Location: Sukhasiddhi Center, Fairfax CA.

Cost: Sliding scale, $85 – $125. New students may attend the first class by donation before deciding to join the series. Scholarships are available, please indicate this on your registration.

Member cost: teacher dana (donation) only. Teacher donations may be made online or by cash or check when attending the classes.

Registration: Click Here

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patberubeLama Pat (Pat Berube) first started meditating in 1975.  Prior to meeting Lama Palden in 1999, she studied with both western and eastern teachers including several pilgrimages and retreats in India.  Under Lama Palden’s tutelage, she completed both the full Shangpa Kagyu practices usually reserved for the traditional three year retreat and the four-year teacher training program.  In 2017, under the authority of Kalu Rinpoche, both Lama Palden and Lama Drupgyu authorized her as a Lama.  With immense gratitude for her teachers and the lineage, Lama Pat is excited to share these teachings with others that supports the natural unfoldment of innate wisdom transforming one’s life.  In addition to her dharma studies and teaching, she has been an RN for over 40 years and holds a masters in counseling psychology.  She also leads Sukhasiddhi’s Clear Light Institute assisting contemplative approaches to working with illness, death and dying.

Sukhasiddhi Foundation maintains a fragrance free environment. Please do not use any scented lotions, colognes, after shave, shampoo, etc. while attending Sukhasiddhi events. Thank you for your consideration.