March 21, 2017 @ 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM America/Los Angeles Timezone

The Heart-Mind of Awakening: Shantideva’s Bodhicharyavatara – Part II

Eight Tuesday evenings, January 31-March 21, 2017,  7:00-9:00pm


Kuan-Yen Bodhisattva2

“If I have any understanding of compassion and the bodhisattva path, it all comes from studying this text.”
HH the Dalai Lama

The Way of the Boddhisattva (Bodhichayavatara) is one of the great texts of Mahayana Buddhism – a sublime teaching that was spontaneously expounded in the eighth century by Shantideva, then a resident monk at Nalanda University.

This classic text is an active meditation on the Bodhisattva’s Path, the path of those who have understood that full awakening can never be separate from the awakening of all sentient beings. This text is a practical guide for the development of bodhicitta, which can be translated as the “heart-mind of awakening.”

Shantideva guides us, with great detail and precision, through the practice of the six Perfections, progressively unfolding the wings of relative compassion and awakened wisdom. Compassion and wisdom are inseparable, so much so that it is said that compassion is the heart of awakened wisdom. This indivisibility challenges the limitations of our dualistic mind, setting us on a paradoxical and inevitably experiential path, as we progressively join more and more intimately the path of relative bodhicitta (first 5 perfections) and absolute bodhicitta (the 6th perfection of wisdom).

The practice of the Path of the Bodhisattva is a perfect foundation and support for those engaged in Vajrayana practices, as well as all those interested in deepening their understanding of the Buddhist path.

This class is a continuation of the prior series, and will meet for eight weeks, each week contemplating a section of the text. The classes will include presentation, meditation, experiential inquiry, and discussions. Through this practice, we will learn to cultivate the heart-mind of awakening and actualize its emergence in our daily lives. This class is Part Two of a series.

Prerequisites: This class is for those who are familiar with Tibetan Buddhist (Vajrayana) teachings and terminology. Please email if you would like to join but did not attend Part I of the series.

Location: Sukhasiddhi Center, Fairfax CA.

Attending Online: This class may be attended via live video stream. If you would like to join online, please register for the class and we will send you instructions for how to connect.

Cost: $95-$125

Members: Teacher Dana Only; this is a required class for the Shangpa and Bodhi program

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annikbrunetAnnik Brunet has studied Eastern philosophy and meditation for more than 25 years and has practiced Tibetan Buddhism since 1995. After completing the Shangpa lineage practice program and the teacher training program, she was authorized by Lama Palden as a dharma teacher. Annik also holds a master’s degree in photography. Her life-long impetus has been to explore the mystery of phenomenal appearances, and the practice of art as a means to cleanse the doors of perception. This quest eventually led her to the path of direct access Vajrayana offers. Annik is committed to facilitating the exploration and actualization of the openness and kindness that reside at the heart of every being.

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