Lama Palden’s Letter from the Pilgrimage to India

In September, 2015, Lama Palden led a pilgrimage trip with 25 students to India, where they attended a special retreat with Tai Situ Rinpoche, and visited other sites near Dharamsala.

Dear Friends,
Palpung Sherab Ling, Situ Rinpoche’s vast monastery and nunnery, is held within the sweet embrace of pine trees on the southern flanks of the Himalayas. This monastic complex houses, feeds, educates and provides retreat sanctuary for about 900 monks and 200 nuns. Even though it was midnight when we arrived, our sangha was met by friendly monks, [...]

Deepening into the Body with Lujong (Buddhist Yoga)

An interview with Rose Taylor Goldfield, by Jane Brunette
Rose Taylor Goldfield is a Buddhist teacher and the author of Training the Wisdom Body: Buddhist Yogic Exercise. With more than 30 years meditation experience, she holds an MA in Indo-Tibetan Buddhist studies from Naropa University. Rose trained as a dancer from a young age, then in martial arts, yoga and bodywork. She studied closely with Khenpo Tsultrim Rinpoche and spent many years meditating and teaching in nunneries and monasteries in Nepal and Bhutan. She and her husband, Ari Goldfield, [...]

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    Summer of Peace 2015: Lama Palden Interview & Guided Meditation

Summer of Peace 2015: Lama Palden Interview & Guided Meditation

Lama Palden recorded a brief interview and a guided meditation as part of the Summer of Peace Summit 2015, a free online event featuring 70+ of the world’s top peacebuilders, social change agents, Indigenous elders, political leaders, scientists and spiritual mentors – all offering inspiration, skills training and practical solutions you can apply in your daily life, relationships, community and the world. For more information, please visit

Listen to the interview and guided meditation here:


In Search of the Primordial Tara

A pilgrimage to rural Bengal to meet the Tara who “stamps her foot and shakes the seven underworlds”
by Jane Brunette

WHEN I FIRST began practicing Tibetan Buddhism, I sang the 21 praises of Tara each morning and it served as a potent reminder of my own multiplicity. I loved it that Tara — who is considered mother of all the Buddhas — had 21 faces. After all, humans are kaleidoscopic, and I knew that some of the energies readily available to her lay dormant in me. I sensed that [...]

2015 Santa Sabina Retreat Photos

Once again, our annual Sukhasiddhi retreat was a wonderful opportunity for more than sixty members to gather together at Santa Sabina Center in Marin County for a week of Vajrayana practice with Lama Palden, Lama Drupgyu, and Lama Döndrup.

Andre Arcilla and Leslie Shelton took some fantastic photos at the retreat. Click on any image to start the gallery!

Protected: (Attendees only) 2015 Santa Sabina Retreat Tsok

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Clear Light Institute Hosts First Death Cafe

On May 2nd, 2015, The Clear Light Institute held our first Death Cafe. Over forty people attended with rave reviews. One of the participants was so inspired that he left a nice, detailed review on the website. He said, “Saturday, I talked with a group of strangers about death—it was the most intimate and meaningful conversation of my week”.

Death Cafe was first started in England by Jon Underwood on September 2011. Jon Underwood was inspired by the work of Bernard Crettaz, a renouned sociologist. Since then, [...]

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    Lama Palden participates in forum on “Confronting Abuse of Power”

Lama Palden participates in forum on “Confronting Abuse of Power”

In the Winter issue of Buddhadharma magazine, Lama Palden, Hozan Alan Senauke, Davide Whitehorn and Shinge Roko Sherry Chayat engage in a frank and open discussion about abuse of power in spiritual communities.

Download a copy of this important article. (PDF)

Abuse can take different forms: financial, psychological, physical, sexual. Are we willing to look at our Buddhist communities for these sorts of well-known habitual patterns and imbalances and then to dissolve them?

It is said that dharma and the bonds of dharma communities can only be destroyed from the inside. Abuse, [...]

Journey to Tibet: The Heart of the Lineage

Lama Döndrup shares photos and inspirations from her trip to Tibet.
Editor’s note: Lama Döndrup will present slides of her journey to Tibet at Sukhasiddhi Foundation on October 26 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. This is the first session of her weekly class, Pilgrimage and the Shangpa Masters. All are invited to attend.

Lama Döndrup: This summer, I was blessed with the opportunity to go on pilgrimage to Tibet with a small group of practitioners from around the world. The focus of this pilgrimage, which was arranged and led [...]

Lama Palden’s blog from the Shangpa Monlam in France

In August, 2014, Lama Palden, along with several Sukhasiddhi teachers and sangha members, traveled to France to participate in the first monlam held in the West by Kalu Rinpoche. Below is her day-by-day account of the event.

After driving through dense fog at 8 am, we arrived at Palden Shangpa La Boulaye, Kalu Rinpoche’s primary center in France. As the sun began to stream through the mist, a line of small stupas greeted us. Next we were welcomed by an impressive Bhutanese lhakhang (Tibetan for house [...]