Preparing to Share the Dharma

Participants in the Community Dharma Leader’s program share thoughts on what they’ve learned and where they’re going

Editor’s Note (Jane Brunette): The Community Dharma Leaders program (CDL) just completed its year-long training. In it, Lama Palden and Lew Richmond teamed up to prepare a circle of practitioners to teach aspects of the Dharma in community settings. I spoke with Lew and with two of the trainees to get a feel for the program and how the participants might use their training in the future.

Barbara Juniper: I felt honored when [...]

Podcast – Mystical Positivist Radio Interview with Lama Palden

On Saturday, August 2nd Lama Palden was interviewed by The Mystical Positivist, a weekly radio show on KOWS-LP 107.3 FM.  The Mystical Positivist is  dedicated to the application of reason in the pursuit of spiritual practice and development. Its thesis is that rationality is in no way the antithesis of deep mystical experience, but, in fact, a necessary ally.  Stuart Goodnick is the show’s host.

In this interview, Lama Palden discusses her early formative experiences relating to spirituality, the founding and purpose of Sukhasiddhi Foundation and its work.  Related topics [...]

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    Protected: (Members Only) A Talk to the Sukhasiddhi Community

Protected: (Members Only) A Talk to the Sukhasiddhi Community

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2014 Santa Sabina Retreat Photos

More than fifty Sukhasiddhi members and teachers gathered in June, 2014 at the lovely Santa Sabina Center for our annual retreat. As always, we were kindly served by the wonderful staff there!

We were blessed that both Lama Palden and Lama Drupgyu led the retreat, Lama Palden teaching on Mahamudra, and Lama Drupgyu on the Shangpa Lineage Masters. We practiced Lujong, a Tibetan form of yoga, together in the early morning. We gathered for quiet sitting sessions during the day, and we were fortunate to have afternoon yoga sessions with [...]

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    Protected: (Members only) 2014 Santa Sabina Retreat Tsok Offerings

Protected: (Members only) 2014 Santa Sabina Retreat Tsok Offerings

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The Impermanence of Each Moment

An Interview with Pat Berube

Pat Berube, RN, directs Sukhasiddhi’s Clear Light Institute. We asked her about how Buddhist teachings can help us to prepare for death and to assist others who are dying or seriously ill.

How did you come to take on the role of director for Sukhasiddhi’s Clear Light Institute? What is your vision for how the Institute can help individuals and healthcare practitioners?

Pat Berube: Through my many years as a nurse, I functioned within a medical model that did not meet the emotional and spiritual needs [...]

Lama Palden’s Talk on the Spiritual Path (video)

On Friday, March 21st, Sukhasiddhi Foundation hosted an open community gathering to celebrate the Spring equinox. Lama Palden led a meditation and gave a deep and thoughtful talk about the meaning and purpose of “the spiritual path”.

She emphasized that the spiritual path at the heart of every authentic tradition is inherently both difficult and rewarding. By approaching it with loving kindness towards ourselves, we become able to let go of old patterns and to be of benefit to others, even when faced with challenging situations.

Our mind can be liberated, [...]

Stories and Photos from the Bhutan Pilgrimage

In October of 2013, Lama Palden traveled to India and then led a group on pilgrimage to Bhutan. In the article below, she vividly describes some of the highlights of the trip.

LAMA PALDEN: A number of us from the Sukhasiddhi community recently returned from a pilgrimage to Bhutan, where we were welcomed with katas and loving kindness by Benchen Khenpo Rinpoche, his wife Rigzen and Lama Sonam — a student of the late Tertön Padgyal Lingpa and Benchen’s nephew. The sun shone as did the pilgrims faces as they [...]

How to Use Writing as a Spiritual Practice

Jane Brunette has taught meditation and writing internationally, and has been practicing Tibetan Buddhism for many years. She offers the following guide to using writing as a spiritual practice.

WRITING can be a powerful spiritual practice, helping us to integrate our active mind with the mind of meditation. By using it as a process of inquiry, it can also help us track our progress in loosening attachments and habitual states of mind. As little as ten minutes of writing practice a day, following a short meditation or your meditation [...]