Sukhasiddhi Foundation welcomes all those wishing to explore Vajrayana and Mahamudra teachings and practices. We offer a range of classes, daylongs, retreats and study programs for students at all levels.

Also, please see the Event Listings page for the schedule of upcoming classes and retreats. Most are open to everyone. For certain advanced classes, some prerequisites may apply. Throughout the year, we offer:

Class Series: Introductory, intermediate, and advanced courses in the fundamentals of Shravakayana, Mahayana, and Vajrayana are offered in series, open to the general public and members.

Daylongs and Non-Residential Retreats: Two or more daylongs are offered each year, along with two or more four-day non-residential retreats and weekend seminars, also open to the public. These allow students to explore teachings and practices with a teacher in depth and for a more extended period of time.

Residential Retreat: At least once per year, a six- or seven-day residential retreat is held for Sukhasiddhi students and other experienced meditators to deepen their practice and relationship with the teachings. This serves as our primary All-Sangha gathering, an opportunity for our whole extended community to come together in meditation, yogic practices and delight.



Multi-Year Study Programs

For the dedicated practitioner, Sukhasiddhi offers a series of progressive multi-year programs which provide the opportunity to receive the full range of Shangpa practices and teachings, from Lama Palden and other teachers, within a supportive cohort of fellow students. These programs cover the full range of teachings and practices normally only available through the traditional three-year intensive retreat. Upon completing the most advanced level of training, students may continue on to community dharma leader or teacher training if invited to do so by Lama Palden.

The programs consist of:

  • The Dharma Training Program – an ongoing program consisting of 5 month modules which cover the fundamentals of Buddhist philosophy, and an introduction to Vajrayana practice.  A complete cycle of Dharma Training program teachings take approximately two years. The next module will begin in September, 2017.
  • The Bodhi Program – this program covers Buddhist philosophy at more depth, and  focuses on the four Ngondro foundational practices. The program is offered in one year modules, and completion of the Ngondro practices generally requires three years. The next one year module will begin in January, 2018.
  • The Shangpa Program – this program introduces the advanced practices that are available to those who have completed ngondro.  It is a four year program; the next program is scheduled to begin in 2020.
  • The Lineage Program – for those most dedicated practitioners, who have completed the Shangpa program and want to continue learning new practices until completion of the entire cycle of Shangpa teachings and practices. The first group of students (now Sukhasiddhi teachers) to enter these multi-year programs are scheduled for completion of the program in August, 2017, with a 30-day Chod retreat.

The Sukhasiddhi Mandala section of this website describes these levels and programs of study in more detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in Buddhism, but have little or no meditation experience.  What is the best way to begin at Sukhasiddhi?

Every Monday evening from 7-8pm Sukhasiddhi offers an open evening meditation session, and every Tuesday morning from 9:30-11:00 am Sukhasiddhi offers a lujong (Tibetan yoga) and meditation class.  Each of these is drop in,  and a great opportunity to meet Sukhasiddhi members, to hear about upcoming classes, and to participate in a guided group meditation. Introductory evening classes designed for new students are held periodically, and it is recommended that those who want to go in more depth into the Buddhist teachings start with those classes.  Please see the Event Listings page for more information.

I am an experienced meditator/practitioner (in Vajrayana, another Eastern or Buddhist tradition or a Western tradition). What is the best way to begin with your sangha?

Experienced meditators and practitioners are invited to join any of the class series taught by the Sukhasiddhi teachers, generally focused on Vajrayana topics. Multi-day, non-residential retreats on specific topics are held periodically, and at least one residential retreat if offered per year. Experienced meditators are invited to participate in these offerings, which can be found on the website calendar. In addition, the multi-year programs described above are designed for practitioners who would like to take their practice to a deeper level. If you would like more information on how to begin with Sukhasiddhi Foundation, please contact us with specific questions. It is also helpful if you include any practice background you may have.

May I speak with a teacher about which programs might be most appropriate for me?

We generally ask that new students get oriented to Sukhasiddhi by attending classes or daylongs before requesting an interview with a teacher. However, a Sukhasiddhi teacher/practice mentor is available on request for an individual discussion by phone for serious students, on a dana (donation) basis.  Please contact us if you would like to set up a phone interview. Please tell us about your practice background and provide your contact information.