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Buddhist Vocabulary


Buddhist Vocabulary: Dharma Sanskrit: dharma Pali: dhamma Tibetan: Wylie transliteration: chos, phonetic: chö The term dharma has multiple meanings. It is derived from the Sanskrit root dhri, which means “to hold” or “to maintain.” The three basic definitions are 1) Teachings or Doctrines, 2) Phenomena, 3) Qualities 1. Teachings or Doctrines: - Refers to all teachings or doctrines, whether they are Buddhist or not. - In this sense, dharma is something which holds us from

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Love On Every Breath


This is essentially a meditation to help us transform and liberate suffering into love and joy. In addition to experiencing our own suffering, we often unconsciously or consciously, take in others’ suffering. This just sits inside of us unless we process it. This meditation transforms and liberates that as well. Through this meditation we are learn the skills that empower us, empower who we truly are to come forward.

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The Freedom that Dawns with Mahamudra Meditation


So much of our experience of life is limited by our own unrecognized habitual and patterns from lifetimes of experiences. This is on top of the fundamental ignorance of the nature of reality. All of this contributes to our attitudes and thoughts about how life is, how people are, and what the truth is. Mahamudra meditation helps us to cut through all of this. As we advance in Mahamudra, we deepen our realization into both

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