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The Paramita of Generosity in Action


Executive Director Leslie Shelton reflects on how Sukhasiddhi's volunteers embody the practice of dana (selfless service, or generosity), one of the three central practices of Buddhism often overlooked by Westerners. WE HAVE certainly had our share of community and nationwide challenges in Northern California this past year — floods; enormous fires, loss of power and evacuations; and now the COVID 19 virus bringing things to a standstill as we step into spring. These are times [...]

The Paramita of Generosity in Action2020-04-02T15:58:06-07:00

I’ve lived my life so I could practice


You’ve been with Sukhasiddhi for almost 20 years and have been a steady and generous volunteer since the beginning. Tell me a bit about your spiritual life, and how you came to be at Sukhasiddhi. Ever since I was a hippie living in India when I was 20 years old, I’ve been addicted to the dharma.

I’ve lived my life so I could practice2020-04-02T19:09:58-07:00

Buddhist Vocabulary


Karma Karma is a Sanskrit word which has come into standard use in the English language. The Tibetan word for karma is le (phonetic; Wyl. las) which means action or deed. Karma is the law of cause and effect. For every action there is a result. When one engages in actions of body, speech, or mind, these actions leave imprints or karmic seeds in one’s alayavijnana or storehouse consciousness. These imprints accumulate over lifetimes and [...]

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