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Buddhist Vocabulary: Bodhisattva


A bodhisattva is someone who has committed themselves to courageously walk the spiritual path. They are motivated by bodhicitta (the aspiration to benefit beings) and guided by wisdom and compassion. A bodhisattva has vowed to undertake the spiritual path for the benefit of all beings. While putting the well being of others before themselves and engaging in acts of generosity, morality/ethics, patience, diligence, meditative concentration, and wisdom, a bodhisattva intently pursues the path of awakening. [...]

Buddhist Vocabulary: Bodhisattva2021-09-24T18:24:44-07:00

Buddhist Vocabulary: Compassion


Compassion: the noble heart that feels the suffering of another being as if it were its own and wishes for all beings to be free of suffering and its causes. Word origins Tibetan: snying rje (Wylie), nying je (phonetics) Sanskrit & Pāli: karuṇā snying = king, majesty, sovereign, noble rje = heart, mind, courage The courageous, noble heart that, based on the recognition of the equality of self and other, one recognizes and experiences that [...]

Buddhist Vocabulary: Compassion2021-09-24T18:05:48-07:00

Buddhist Vocabulary: Empowerment


Empowerment: An initiation ritual that introduces one to a specific Vajrayana practice and allows them to engage in the practice. Word origins Sanskrit: abhiṣeka to anoint or consecrate Tibetan: wang kur (dbang bskur) to confer initiation/empowerment. wang (dbang): power, force kur (bskur): send, give, bestow In an empowerment, the vajra master transmits the realization of a particular practice to the initiate. This is not a bestowing of something to the initiate that they do [...]

Buddhist Vocabulary: Empowerment2021-09-24T18:11:27-07:00