Buddhist Vocabulary

Buddhist Vocabulary: Dharma Sanskrit: dharma Pali: dhamma Tibetan: Wylie transliteration: chos, phonetic: chö The term dharma has multiple meanings. It is derived from the Sanskrit root dhri, which means “to hold” or “to maintain.” The three basic definitions are 1) Teachings or Doctrines, 2) Phenomena, 3) Qualities 1. Teachings or Doctrines: - Refers to all teachings or doctrines, whether they are Buddhist or not. -

A New Sunday Morning Practice Series

A Letter from Lama Döndrup   Equinox greetings! The Autumnal Equinox is upon us just as we are moving into a new season at Sukhasiddhi Foundation. Having had heartfelt gatherings to honor and express our gratitude to Lama Palden and Joanne Molyneaux for their unequalled dedication to Sukhasiddhi Foundation, we are now harvesting the fruit of their efforts, using it to support us in new