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Buddhism Lessons: What are the 4 Stages of Enlightenment?

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In the moment when we are born, we do not immediately leap to our feet and run. It takes months of awareness, instruction, and physical and mental growth before we are ready to take our first steps. It is a similar process while walking our spiritual path toward Nirvana. According to the texts of Theravada Buddhism, Buddha recognized four distinct levels of realization we will go through before we reach Nirvana. Each of these levels

A Beginner’s Guide to Tibetan Buddhism

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Tibetan Buddhism for Beginners What exactly is Tibetan Buddhism? As the Buddha’s teachings spread globally, and, as many of us seek to practice in the west, this question grows. It is why you are here, at present, on this page, no? Perhaps your initial encounter with Tibetan Buddhism was while reading the wonderful teachings of the Dalai Lama and now you're hoping to learn more. Maybe you've dabbled in meditation and feel eager to translate

Kalu Rinpoche Visits Sukhasiddhi Foundation

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Kalu Rinpoche made a last-minute visit to Sukhasiddhi on November 11 and gave a wonderful talk from his personal experience as a dharma practioner. In this blog are Lama Palden's reflections on the visit. The recordings and transcript are here. KALU RINPOCHE gave us only four days notice when he decided to come to the center after he finished touring his original centers in North America. There were about 150 people who came to see

Finding a Spiritual Home

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from Lama Palden In America and in the west in general, we are exposed to many different spiritual traditions, not only our own Judea-Christian traditions, but also the traditions of Islam,  all of the different traditions of Buddhism plus an immense variety of other eastern and indigenous spiritual traditions and disciplines.  This is an incredible opportunity and time that we are living in right now, an opportunity to touch into so many traditions, to read

Clear Light Institute: Grace, Strength and Dignity in the Face of Loss

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A NUMBER OF YEARS AGO, I was admitted to the hospital for a five day regimen of chemotherapy. The unit I was assigned to had patients who were seriously ill and with few exceptions were bedridden. I saw a lot of suffering. It was emotionally intense for me to see this and I was glad for the rare patient who was discharged.