Celebrating Saga Dawa


Saga Dawa is the period of time during which we celebrate the birth, enlightenment, and parinirvana of Shakyamuni Buddha. It is the most important month of the year for practice and merit accumulated during this period is multiplied 100 million times.

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An Interview with Sukhasiddhi Board Member Gary Buck


What originally attracted you to Sukhasiddhi that led you to serving on the board? My own Buddhist practice began in the Theravaden tradition, then a stretch in Zen, and when I found my way to the Vajrayana it became my home in practice. I was involved with Lama Palden for a number of years in her Diamond Logos class, and have done a few retreats with her. I’ve felt really good about how she’s been

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New Board Members Bring Fresh Perspectives


At the end of 2020, six board members who have devoted themselves to the well-being and development of Sukhasiddhi for many years will step down from their posts and we will welcome four new members to the Board of Directors. This transition has provided the Board and Executive Leadership Team an opportunity to reflect on Sukhasiddhi Foundation’s history, to gain clarity about our organization’s structure and functionality, and to clarify our vision. “While we will

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Shattered Complacency and the Path to Awakening


Lama Drupgyu looks at how the global pandemic and its fallout upsets our habits and makes possible fresh choices that benefit all. Our world has known specific conflict and suffering more acute than the current situation, be it from wars — most recently we can think of Syria and the Middle East; or natural disasters — we can remember vividly Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans, or the more recent hurricane in India. These have tended

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