Celebrating Saga Dawa


Saga Dawa is the period of time during which we celebrate the birth, enlightenment, and parinirvana of Shakyamuni Buddha. It is the most important month of the year for practice and merit accumulated during this period is multiplied 100 million times.

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Understanding the Wheel of Life


In this season of the lunar new year, the study of the Wheel of Life and the 12 Links of Interdependent Origination have been a central focus in the Sukhasiddhi Sundays study and practice sessions. The Wheel of Life is a visual representation of samsara (cyclic existence) and its causes and components. At the hub of the wheel of life are a pig, a snake, and a rooster. They represent the three poisons of unawareness,

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A New Sunday Morning Practice Series


A Letter from Lama Döndrup   Equinox greetings! The Autumnal Equinox is upon us just as we are moving into a new season at Sukhasiddhi Foundation. Having had heartfelt gatherings to honor and express our gratitude to Lama Palden and Joanne Molyneaux for their unequalled dedication to Sukhasiddhi Foundation, we are now harvesting the fruit of their efforts, using it to support us in new ways that address the particular challenges we're collectively facing in

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Entering a New Phase at Sukhasiddhi


An interview with Lama Döndrup, Sukhasiddhi’s new Resident Lama As of January 1, 2020, Lama Döndrup will step into the role of Resident Lama at Sukhasiddhi, as Lama Palden moves into a more advisory role as Senior Lama. Jane Brunette spoke with Lama Döndrup about her new role, and what she sees going forward for Sukhasiddhi. Tell me a little about your new role as Resident Lama. What does it entail? As I step into

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