Karma: Empowering Compassionate Action


As our human family faces multiple challenges resulting from an accumulation of our past collective actions, it is a good time to reflect on how we might make our current actions contribute to a more wholesome direction in the future. With this in mind, in the upcoming Sukhasiddhi Sunday series, as an extension of the recent series on the 12 Links of Interdependent Origination, we will study the law of karma and the role intention

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Sukhasiddhi’s Dharma Training Program Now Accepting Applications


Sukhasiddhi will be offering a new cycle of the Dharma Training Program for those who are interested in exploring and deepening dharma practice and want to be part of a spiritual community of like-minded individuals. This program will introduce a variety of Buddhist teachings and practices, and will support each person to choose and practice an authentic path in the midst of work and family commitments. Practices are designed to be relevant to the needs

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New Board Members Bring Fresh Perspectives


At the end of 2020, six board members who have devoted themselves to the well-being and development of Sukhasiddhi for many years will step down from their posts and we will welcome four new members to the Board of Directors. This transition has provided the Board and Executive Leadership Team an opportunity to reflect on Sukhasiddhi Foundation’s history, to gain clarity about our organization’s structure and functionality, and to clarify our vision. “While we will

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An Interview with New Board Member Susan Shannon


What drew you to Sukhasiddhi? I’ve been aware of Sukhasiddhi since it first started. Lama Palden Drolma, known as Caroline in 1982, was one of the first people I met when I moved to California. I had taken refuge and received some intimate teachings from Kalu Rinpoche, so we had that in common. After she came back from three-year retreat, she and two fellow retreatants visited me in my Lagunitas home. They were fresh out

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From Fear of Death to Greater Compassion


As the latest cases and deaths from Covid-19 filled the news, it has been impossible to not think about death. The virus has brought major changes to how we live our lives. Those who have lost loved ones and the medical personnel caring for the sick are having a particularly stressful time. Our emotional, spiritual and cultural distance from death has been narrowed. Our denial and avoidance in talking about and facing death has been

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Time to Play a Little


An interview with Joanne Molyneaux After more than 22 years of loving and dedicated service to Sukhasiddhi and its students, Joanne Molyneaux is retiring from her role as Executive Director. Jane Brunette spoke with Joanne about her time as a key leader at Sukhasiddhi, and what she sees for herself going forward. Tell me a little about your relationship to Sukhasiddhi and what you’ve seen unfold over the 20-plus years you’ve been so deeply involved.

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