Dharma off the Cushion: Practice in the 21st Century

Dharma off the Cushion: Practice in the 21st Century

Introducing Dharma Off the Cushion: Practice in the 21st Century

Wisdom River is happy to announce our new series called Dharma Off the Cushion: Practice in the 21st Century. Our intention is to hear what other leaders and influencers have learned and teach and how to bring their faith and practice into families, communities and world at large.  This new speaker series will explore different ways the fruits of our practice are being offered. We are inviting an array of speakers who are actively engaged in making a difference. They will share about their work, how they came to it and how dharma practice informs what they are doing. They will also share the impact that this integrated approach has on the people they work with. It is our hope that this inspiring series will ignite your imagination and offer insights on how you can get involved and share the word of the Dharma.

To Be of Benefit in the World

Our practice on the cushion awakens and nourishes a strong desire to benefit not only ourselves, but as many beings as we can. We are called to engage all we have learned and bring it to our families, our communities, and our world. To listen to and contemplate the paths of those who have made this commitment and are actively engaged inspires us to take the necessary steps to spread the wealth of presence, compassion and wisdom.

Our Speaker Line Up

Restorative Justice as a Spiritual Path with Susan Shannon
March 15th

The first evening in this series will feature Susan Shannon, who will speak about Restorative Justice as a Spiritual Path on Friday, March 15th at 7:00 pm. As a 45-year Tibetan Buddhist and Interfaith Chaplain, Susan has dedicated her life to Restorative Justice as a social justice pursuit, as a personal spiritual practice and as an ecological necessity. She is currently working with inmates at San Quentin State Prison. She calls Restorative Justice the spiritual practice our world is hungry for.

Marc Lesser: Corporate Leadership

Other speakers will include Marc Lesser, a Zen priest who is combining his practice with his business background to bring mindfulness principles to leadership in major corporations such as Google, Genentech and Kaiser.  Marc is also is the author of Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader: Lessons from Google and a Zen Monastery Kitchen; Know Yourself, Forget Yourself; Less: Accomplishing More By Doing Less; and Z.B.A. Zen of Business Administration.

Future speakers will include practitioners who have combined their Buddhist background with work in healthcare and other fields

It will be a truly inspirational series of talks, whether your interest is in Please join us for this series and bring a friend, or two!  Keep track of the speaker series events here.