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Experiencing the True Nature of Reality: Advanced Mahamudra Retreat with Lama Palden

April 24 – 28, 2019   10am – 5pm daily; ending at 4pm on Sunday

The Practice

The term Mahamudra – “ Great Seal or Symbol” – signifies full and complete realization of true nature, reality as it, as well as the path to that realization. Simple and profound, Mahamudra brings us to full and complete, deeply liberating realization of the Nature of Mind and Reality. Mahamudra meditation also provides the benefits of an  increased stability of mind and focus, more clarity and insight, much more compassion for ourselves and others, and an increased lightness of being.  Mahamudra is considered the pinnacle of Tibetan Buddhist practice, and all spiritual practices are to be done with the understanding of Mahamudra realization.

In its simplicity, directness and profundity, Mahamudra is a conducive path and practice for the modern, western life.  Mahamudra meditation provides a precise, graduated step by step process for coming to the liberating realization of true nature, and being able to rest moment to moment in this.  Practitioners work directly with their own mind, emotions and experience, learning to be relaxed, genuine and aware in each moment of life.

About Lama Palden

Having studied with the great Tibetan masters, including the intensive Tibetan three-year retreat, and with years of teaching and personal practice, iLama Palden is a master of Mahamudra meditation and technique. She is dedicated to bringing deep spirituality to modern lives and living, helping each of us uncover who we truly are, and blossom in our own unique way. She brings her experience of being a human being, mother, and therapist in this modern world, as well as her in depth experience of being a mystic and an early and continuing practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, to her teaching. Lama Palden is a unique and qualified teacher for any practitioner, new or experienced, wanting to explore or deepen their immersion in a spiritual path.

This Retreat

This Mahamudra retreat will combine sitting meditation with instruction, and will move through the stages of the path.  Beginning with samatha  (Tib: shiné) meditation, the mind is brought to concentration and stillness.  Then, moving into vipassana (Tib: lhatong) meditation, with a still mind the nature of our experience can be examined, explored and its true, nondual nature ultimately realized.  The actual Mahamudra practice joins the two, resting in the primordial purity of true nature, experiencing phenomena as it self liberates. As the practices lead us into deeper and deeper understanding, Lama Palden will be providing guidance through meditation instructions as well as question and answer sessions.

There will be Tibetan Yoga (Lujong) in the afternoon, to keep our bodies clear and energetic, and  songs of realization and aspiration prayers, which help to clarify Mahamudra realization in a different ways.

The retreat will be held in the Sukhasiddhi Center October 24-28, 2019 from 10am to 5pm each day, ending at 4pm on Sunday. The center is in the charming town of Fairfax, CA with many options for lunch within walking distance, or participants may being lunch to be eaten at the center.  If you need help with overnight accommodations or have other questions, please email.


Participants need to have a stable meditation practice. We will set up a phone interview if you have not done a Mahamudra retreat previously.


Sliding scale: $495- $695. Members: $425 – $525.  $200 deposit required when registering; Balance payable by April 15th. Refund Policy: full refund if cancellation received by April 5th; $200 cancellation fee April 6-15th; no refunds except for unusual circumstances after April 15th.



April 24, 2019 @ 10:00 AM
April 28, 2019 @ 4:00 PM
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