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Please join Lama Döndrup for a day of introduction to and explanation of the practice of Chöd. This daylong teaching is appropriate for those who are new to Chöd practice as well as for experienced practitioners who would like to review the details of the practice (please see prerequisites below).

Machig Labdrön’s Chöd practice is a radical method that cultivates fearlessness and compassion while cutting through ego-fixation and severing false concepts about the world of appearances. The profound and beautiful Chöd practice uses chanting, visualization, and music to welcome difficult mind states and harmful forces that ordinarily give rise to fear and reactivity. We make offerings which nourish and satisfy them, and in the process we come to see the equality of all phenomena and our indestructible true nature.

In this transformative practice, we offer our bodies to various classes of beings in the way that will best nourish and satisfy them. To the Awakened Beings, we offer our body as nectar; to the beings of the six realms, we offer our body in the form of whatever will most benefit them; and to the forces of greed, hatred, and delusion, we offer our body just as it is in order to heal, transform and liberate all that blocks compassion and wisdom. Through this practice, we free the mind from its deepest fears and liberate ourselves from fixation on a separate sense of self. This naturally brings forth the realization of the mind’s true nature of primordial bliss and emptiness, Mahamudra.

This Chöd practice comes to us from Machig Labdrön (1055-1149) the great female Tibetan yogini who created the form of the practice in use today. We will be working with the practice from the Zurmang Tradition.

There will be the opportunity to do the practice seven weeks in a row, beginning on January 19, as part of the Sukhasiddhi Sundays Series.


  • Previous experience with Vajrayana Practice is required.
  • Experience with the Chöd practice is not necessary, and the empowerment can be taken later.
  • Refuge is required.

Please bring a Chöd drum, bell and text if you own them.

Cost: $85-125 sliding scale donation, plus $25 for the text if you do not have it



Lama Döndrup has practiced and studied in the Buddhist tradition for over twenty years. After five years of Theravadin Buddhist training, she immersed herself in the teachings and practices of the Shangpa and Kagyu Vajrayana lineages. In 2005, she completed the three-year retreat and was authorized as a lama. Upon her return to Marin County, she began teaching classes and leading meditations at Sukhasiddhi Foundation and in January 2020 she will become the Resident Lama, guiding the Center’s ministerial work. Lama Döndrup enjoys guiding students through meditations; helping them to feel confident in their own understanding of ceremonies and teachings; and supporting the natural unfolding of their innate wisdom. In addition to her Buddhist practice, Lama Döndrup trained in the Diamond Approach for seven years and has a Masters of Fine Arts degree in piano performance. She is on the piano faculty at San Domenico Music Conservatory.



January 18
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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