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Sukhasiddhi Sundays – Online

with Lama Döndrup

Six Sundays, April 26 – May 31, 2020  9:00am – 1:15pm

via Zoom

All are invited to join Lama Döndrup for a six-week Sukhasiddhi Sunday series. We are living in a time of great uncertainty and isolation and this can easily give rise to fear and many thoughts that disturb one’s sense of ease and well-being. This Sukhasiddhi Sunday series is geared towards working directly with the challenges brought about by our current circumstances.

This six-week series will offer practices and teachings for students at all levels of experience in three segments each Sunday morning. The segments are designed to build on each other. You can choose to attend some or all of the segments depending on your level of practice.

Segment 1: Tara Who Dispels Epidemics Practice

In the first of three segments, Lama Döndrup will teach and lead the powerful healing practice of Tara Who Dispels Epidemics (Jetsun Drolma Ritö Loma Gyönma). Tara Who Dispels Epidemics is one the 21 forms of Tara. She protects from contagious diseases, pandemics and fevers by destroying them and bringing ease, health, and well-being. In this practice, we call upon Tara to enact her activity of dispelling epidemics through visualization and chanting of her mantra.

Segment 2: Five Wisdoms: Working with Difficult Emotions
In segment two, Lama Döndrup will continue an exploration of the fundamental premise of Vajrayana/Tibetan Buddhism which teaches each of us that we are primordially pure and that we innately possess all the wisdom and compassion of an awakened being. Because we do not yet recognize this, we experience the energy of these awakened qualities in an obscured way. Rather than experiencing wisdom, we experience difficult emotions as we are tossed about by the challenges in our life. The teaching of the Five Wisdoms is a way for us to understand our potential and recognize the wisdom that lies dormant within each emotion. We learn that when we liberate the contracted energy of emotions, we experience boundless clarity, spaciousness, equanimity, discernment, and capacity to act.

Segment 3: Medicine Buddha Practice
In this third segment, Lama Döndrup will lead the Medicine Buddha practice. Upon enlightenment, Medicine Buddha (Sangye Menla) made 12 vows. One of these vows was the vow to heal those who are experiencing illness, particularly illnesses for which there is no known cure. This practice helps us to uncover and access our innate capacity to heal and it also is effective in purifying karma before and after death. It is an excellent practice for working with the current health crisis that we as human beings are experiencing as a global community. It provides an avenue for being of benefit to oneself and others at a time when circumstances seem beyond our control.

Having had the Medicine Buddha teaching is required to participate in this segment. The teachings for this practice will be given on April 18-19 and available by recording. Click here for retreat information.

One need not be Buddhist to engage in and benefit from these teachings and practices. Sukhasiddhi welcomes people of all religions, ages, racial backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender identities.

How to Participate:

All segments will be given through Zoom video meetings.  Participants can attend all segments, or any of them individually (Medicine Buddha only if you have had the teaching).  Segments 1 and 2 will also be available by recorded video if you miss a session.  The schedule each Sunday is below.

9:00 am – 10:00 am Segment 1: Tara Who Dispels Epidemics
10:00 am – 10:15 am Tea break
10:15 am – 11:30 am Segment 2: Five Wisdoms: Working with Difficult Emotions
11:30 am – 12:00 pm Tea break
12:00 pm – 1:15 pm Segment 3: Medicine Buddha Practice

Cost for the Series:

Sliding Scale from $0 to $325.

You are invited to participate as your shedule permits.  Recordings will be available.

Questions? Please email register@sukhasiddhi.org



Lama Döndrup has practiced and studied in the Buddhist tradition for over twenty years. After five years of Theravadin Buddhist training, she immersed herself in the teachings and practices of the Shangpa and Kagyu Vajrayana lineages. In 2005, she completed the three-year retreat and was authorized as a lama. Upon her return to Marin County, she began teaching classes and leading meditations at Sukhasiddhi Foundation and in January 2020 she will become the Resident Lama, guiding the Center’s ministerial work. Lama Döndrup enjoys guiding students through meditations; helping them to feel confident in their own understanding of ceremonies and teachings; and supporting the natural unfolding of their innate wisdom. In addition to her Buddhist practice, Lama Döndrup trained in the Diamond Approach for seven years and has a Masters of Fine Arts degree in piano performance. She is on the piano faculty at San Domenico Music Conservatory.


*Sukhasiddhi Foundation provides a series of four in-depth training programs that take students step-by-step through a guided curriculum that encompasses the major teachings of the Shangpa Kagyu Lineage. The Dharma Training Program (DTP) is the first of these four. The DTP is a program for those who are new to meditation or those who are new to meditation in a Vajrayana context. In this program, one learns the basic principles, practices, and philosophy foundational to Vajrayana Buddhism. The recurring 7-week Sunday Series will be one of the requirements for those in the DTP. The material presented in Segments 1 and 2 will progress step-by-step through the DTP curriculum. Learn more about the DTP Track.



May 24
9:00 AM - 1:15 PM
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Online via Zoom