How Can We Help? Never Forget the Power of Love

How Can We Help? Never Forget the Power of Love


In today’s world, when we are faced with the suffering of so many around the globe, our own communities, and our own families, we can often be left with the question “How best can I help?”  “ How can I keep my heart open?” And with the enormity of some of the challenges that arise, we wonder how we can possibly make a difference.

We forget that love and compassion, which is awakened presence, is the power to heal ourselves and our world.  In her unique and timely way, Lama Palden is offering, in an 8 week class starting April 3rd, her wisdom and understanding of a time honored Buddhist practice that helps us each to develop that power.

Love on Every Breath is an extraordinary and profound meditation practice through which the suffering of ourselves, the people we love, and eventually all beings is brought into contact with and transformed by our own awakened presence. Healing rays of love and compassion are emanated from the deepest level of our being. As our hearts increasingly open to love, a doorway to our own essential goodness and true nature can be discovered and the transformative power of our genuine compassion can be felt and embodied more fully.

In my own personal experience, this practice has given me strength and courage to meet some of the most challenging situations in my life.  Most recently, a beloved family member was put on a psychiatric hold. This was excruciatingly painful for the family member, for my family and for me, as I felt a kind of helplessness in the face of a health system that was less than ideal. Using this practice helped me find, first, compassion for myself and then compassion for my loved ones. And finally it helped me view all people who were involved with deep compassion. It put me in touch with a way to meet the challenge with greater love and wisdom, which then ended up be reflected in the ways that I was able to communicate and ask for help.  In my ability to move from emotional reactivity to a responsiveness, motivated by wisdom and compassion, a clear path emerged where previously there had been no light at the end of the tunnel.  Barbara Juniper


Love On Every Breath will be presented in an easy to understand way so that anyone, no matter what their spiritual training or discipline, no matter how advanced or how much of a beginner they might be, can begin to ease that sense of frustration and hopelessness and connect with a sense of powerful love and compassion. We hope you will join us, either in person or online: more information

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