Kalu Rinpoche Visits Sukhasiddhi Foundation

Kalu Rinpoche Visits Sukhasiddhi Foundation


Kalu Rinpoche made a last-minute visit to Sukhasiddhi on November 11 and gave a wonderful talk from his personal experience as a dharma practioner. In this blog are Lama Palden’s reflections on the visit. The recordings and transcript are here.

KALU RINPOCHE gave us only four days notice when he decided to come to the center after he finished touring his original centers in North America. There were about 150 people who came to see him last minute, which was wonderful.

The teachers were able to have some private time with him before the talk, and he caught us up with what was happening with his centers worldwide and how he’s trying to help them. Rinpoche is 29 now, and has fully stepped into his international responsibilities. His loving kindness and practicality in working with people across the world is amazing.

At his evening visit, many came from both Sukhasiddhi and the surrounding community, including those who knew the former Kalu Rinpoche. Many people texted and emailed me afterward, and they were overjoyed to feel his expansive loving presence, and to feel his joy. The whole field of his presence was very uplifting, and seemed to fill everyone there with delight and happiness.

He gave a wonderful talk, simple yet very profound. He spoke about watching for when our pride and/or jealousy arises and how to step back from that. He also spoke on devotion and said that a real realationship between teacher and student is a natural connection that takes time to develop. He said that during his 20s, he’s become very close to his guru, Vajradhara Situ Rinpoche, who has lovingly mentored him. They’ve been able to discuss everything in depth. He also mentioned his beloved guru Bokar Rinpoche who died when Kalu Rinphoche was 15, a month before he went into his retreat. Rinpoche expressed his gratitude for the many hours over many years that Bokar Rinpoche spent mentoring and training him, as well as his heartfelt gratitude to Situ Rinpoche for all his loving support and guidance.

At the end of the talk, Rinpoche said he’s a very good doctor of dharma centers and when he visits, he can see how people look spiritually. He said that the people here looked very healthy spiritually, and he took this as evidence that the center is healthy and people are doing really well.

Everyone (even our youngest visitor) was able to receive a blessing and left uplifted. We are so looking forward to his visit next year in August, when he plans to come to Sukhasiddhi to give teachings and empowerments.

The transcript, video and audio recordings of the talk, heartfelt answers to questions, and ending meditation can be found here