Love on Every Breath Release Date!

Love on Every Breath Release Date!


Lama Palden’s New Book will be released on May 28. Love on Every Breath changes our experience of the moment.

Lama Palden’s new book, Love on Every Breath, will be officially released on May 28. It is now available for preorder on Amazon, and it would be a great help to the book’s launch to order it in advance. You are also invited to celebrate with Lama Palden at a Book Passage event on June 5 at 7pm, where Sylvia Boorstein will interview her.

Here is a sneak preview — from the back cover of the book:

Today, when our human family is facing so many challenges, it is more important than ever that we find peace and sustenance in our hearts.

Love on Every Breath, or Tonglen, is a seven-step meditation for anyone who wants to nourish their heart. An ancient and profound meditation that has been practiced in isolated mountain retreats in the Himalayas for centuries, it is now available to us in the modern world.

Lama Palden Drolma introduces readers to the meditation in this powerful, user-friendly book. She walks readers step-by-step through the meditation, from beginning issues of sitting with awareness and focusing on the breath to taking in and extending love. Real-life challenges of sadness, anger, and overwhelm are addressed with “On-the-Spot” versions of the meditation.

Love on Every Breath is a meditation that changes our experience in the moment — and changes our lives.