Love On Every Breath

Love On Every Breath


This is essentially a meditation to help us transform and liberate suffering into love and joy. In addition to experiencing our own suffering, we often unconsciously or consciously, take in others’ suffering. This just sits inside of us unless we process it. This meditation transforms and liberates that as well. Through this meditation we are learn the skills that empower us, empower who we truly are to come forward.

This extraordinary form of Tonglen comes from an enlightened woman of the 11th century, named Niguma. It has been passed orally for the last 1000 years through the Shangpa Lineage that primarily came from her and another awakened woman, Sukhasiddhi.

This meditation can be done on the cushion or any one or more of the eight steps can be done “On-the-Spot, ” in a few moments in daily life.

There are adaptations for readers of any religion, or for spiritual people who are not religious.

Love to you all,