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Program Overview

Five Streams of Learning

Sukhasiddhi offers classes, retreats, programs and online streaming for those wishing to study and explore Tibetan Buddhism in a more structured and traditional approach.  Sukhasiddhi supports study of Tibetan Buddhism from the beginning levels to the most advanced studies.

Classes and Retreats

Study Programs

Wisdom River Institute

Clear Light Institute

Online Courses

Classes and Retreats

Sukhasiddhi offers weekly drop-in and series classes for those who would like to increase their meditation practice and study different buddhist teachings and practices.  Many of these are offered online as well as in person.

Sukhasiddhi offers residential and non-residential retreats for a more in-depth immersion in various practices and teachings. Retreats generally fall into two categories:  Mahamudra, which is the direct working with our minds and our difficult emotions to understand and experiencing of our true nature, and yidam practices (Vajrayana), in which we involve imagination, visualization, mantras and prayers to experience and become awakened mind itself.

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Retreat Calendar

Study and Practice Programs

Sukhasiddhi offers an ongoing series of progressive programs which provide the opportunity to study and learn Tibetan Buddhist practices and teachings within a supportive cohort of fellow students. These programs cover the full range of teachings and practices normally only available through the traditional three-year intensive retreat. Upon completing the most advanced level of training, students may continue onto community dharma leader or teacher training if invited to do so by Lama Palden. There are 4 different programs currently available. Check our calendar for times and dates.

The Dharma Program

This is an ongoing moduler program covering the fundamentals of Buddhist philosophy, and an introduction to Vajrayana practice.  Each 2-4 month module covers specific topics and practices and can be taken independently.

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The Bodhi Program

This program covers Buddhist philosophy in more depth, and  focuses on the four Ngondro foundational practices. The program is offered in one year modules, and completion of the Ngondro practices generally requires three years.

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The Shangpa Program

For meditators who want to continue to learn and engage with the advanced training and meditations on the Five Golden Dharmas, the fruit of the Shangpa lineage from the two enlightened female masters of the 11th century, Niguma and Sukhasiddhi.

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The Lineage Program

This program is for the most dedicated practitioners, who have completed the Shangpa program and want to continue learning new practices until completion of the entire cycle of the Shangpa teachings and practices.

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Wisdom River Institute

This is a new stream which seeks to present the wisdom of Buddhism in an innovative and culturally relevant ways, meeting the needs of individuals in these times of great challenges and opportunities. This is an ever evolving program and ope to all individuals of all practices and experience. Check our offerings of the Wisdom River Institute.

Wisdom River Institute Details

Clear Light Institute

Sukhasiddhi’s Clear Light Institute was founded with the purpose of assisting people in preparing for death in order to have the transition be as smooth, loving, and peaceful as possible, and most importantly, to teach people the skills to be able to use the death and dying process and beyond to awaken fully to who they truly are. Through spiritual practice and study we come to abide in peace and love and our lives become more and more meaningful. Click here for more information about this training.

Clear Light Institute Details

Online Courses

Many of our classes can be attended online, by live stream video and video and audio recording.  With the online option:

  • you can access the class while it it is taking place through live streaming video.
  • or watch the recorded video at your convenience.  Recordings are available for several months after the class is over.
  • An audio recording of each class is also made available, for downloading.  Recordings are available for several months after the class.

To join a class online, just register for the class and select the online option.  Instructions will be sent.

Online Courses

“In being loving and affectionate towards others, you can discover affection and kindness towards yourself.”
– Lama Palden

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