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Clear Lightis the pure, innate, and joyful condition of the mind, associated with buddha-nature, the realization of which is the goal of meditatiion and practice. It is said to be most easily realized during the death process.

Sukhasiddhi’s Clear Light Institute was founded with the purpose of assisting people in preparing for death in order to have the transition be as smooth, loving, and peaceful as possible, and most importantly, to teach people the skills to be able to use the death and dying process and beyond to awaken fully to who they truly are.

The Study and practice of the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, and the many masters that followed, have a great deal of wisdom and com­passion to offer us. The process of dying and its aftermath in the “in- between stage” or bardo between death and a new incarnation, offers us a potent potential for awakening. We offer teachings, guidance and support in our classes and retreats in order for people to be able to meet their death, or a loved one’s death, with confidence, peace and love.

It is often said that the simple essence of our spiritual journey begins and ends with the present moment. In demystifying the teach­ings on death, we discover that they include the entire spectrum of our experiences in both life and death. The profound Vajrayana Buddhist teachings and transmissions offer an indispensable guide for living as well as for preparing for death. Through practicing these teachings, we can ensure that each moment of our lives can be turned to the spiritual path. Through spiritual practice and study we come to abide in peace and love and our lives become more and more meaningful. The entire Buddhist path is a preparation for death.

March 2020 Clear Light Newsletter

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Classes and Workshops

Our readiness for death is first and foremost served by a continued dedication to practice. Sukhasiddhi Foundation offers a variety of classes for the general public, beginning meditators as well as for those who wish to explore the teachings, deepen their understanding and integrate them into their lives. Clear Light Institute offers classes specifically for using these practices in prepar-ation for death. Please see our website for current class offerings:

The death transition will also be greatly facilitated if it is harmonized with the mandala (circle) of people and institutions that will accompany and serve us at that time: family members, friends, lawyers, hospital administrators, doctors, nurses, funerarium, sangha members, teachers, and lamas. Clear Light Institute offers workshops to assist people in preparing for the practical, legal, medical and spiritual issues in planning for death. These workshops will assist you in creating your man­dala of support that includes working with mortuaries, hospitals, medical personnel, family and friends.

Upcoming Classes and Workshops:  None are scheduled at the current time

Prayers and Pujas

Sukhasiddhi members may request group meditation and prayer cere­monies prior to someone’s passing and after death. Others are welcome to request being added to the prayer list at the pujas held at Sukhasiddhi. Additionally, information is available to have pujas offered at our affiliated lineage temples in Asia. For more information, please contact the Lama Pat, Director of Clear Light Institute at

Lama Pat, Director of the Clear Light Institute

Lama Pat (Pat Berube) first started meditating in 1975. Prior to meeting Lama Palden in 1999, she studied with both western and eastern teachers including several pilgrimages and retreats in India. Under Lama Palden’s tutelage, she completed both the full Shangpa Kagyu practices usually reserved for the traditional three-year retreat and the four-year teacher training program. In 2017, under the authority of Kalu Rinpoche, both Lama Palden and Lama Drupgyu authorized her as a Lama. With immense gratitude for her teachers and the lineage, Lama Pat is excited to share these teachings with others that supports the natural unfoldment of innate wisdom transforming one’s life. In addition to her dharma studies and teaching, she has been an RN for over 40 years and holds a masters in counseling psychology. As Director of the Clear Light Institute assisting contemplative approaches to working with illness, death and dying.