Death Cafe at Sukhasiddhi

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Meeting Death with Peace and Love

Sukhasiddhi’s Clear Light Institute offers teachings, guidance and support to help people meet their death or a loved one’s death with confidence, peace and love.


Sukhasiddhi’s Clear Light Institute was founded with the purpose of assisting people in preparing for death in order to have the transition be as smooth, loving, and peaceful as possible, and most importantly, to teach people the skills to be able to use the death and dying process and beyond to awaken fully to who they truly are. We also provide guidance on how to care for friends and loved ones who are dying, as well as how to be with our own grieving process.

It is often said that the simple essence of our spiritual journey begins and ends with the present moment. In demystifying the teachings on death, we discover that they include the entire spectrum of our experiences in both life and death. The profound Vajrayana Buddhist teachings and transmissions offer an indispensible guide for living as well as for preparing for death. Through practicing these teachings, we can ensure that each moment of our lives can be turned to awakening and our karma can be liberated. Through spiritual practice and study we come to abide in peace and love and our lives become more and more meaningful. The entire Buddhist path is a preparation for death.

Death Cafes

A Death Cafe is an open, respectful, confidential and safe space where people can discuss death and impermanence, and reflect on what is of most importance and value in life. We live in a culture that denies old age, sickness, death and impermanence. Death Cafe opens the discussion and aspires to provide a safe space for all of us to evolve into a society that accepts death as a part of life.  The venue is a Buddhist meditation center but this will not be a teaching event. We adhere to Death Cafe guidelines of an agenda-free discussion, with the topics determined by attendees. We will provide a host and discussion facilitator. Please come and join us for tea and cake while we discuss death. The events are free but donations are always welcomed.

Clear Light Institute Director: Pat Berube, Sukhasiddhi Teacher, RN, MA.