How to Attend

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Programs for Students at All Levels

Sukhasiddhi Foundation offers a variety of classes, daylongs, retreats, and study programs for students at all levels, providing a path for people to transform confusion and challenges into wisdom and love, supporting participants’ own unique qualities and gifts to develop and blossom.

Drop In Classes

For those new to Buddhism, and for experienced meditators interested in clear, simple, profound teachings of Buddhist meditation, we offer Wisdom River Institute’s Monday evening meditation (7-8pm) and the once-a-month Wisdom River Sundays (10am – noon). For those interested in combining a movement exercise with meditation, try the Lujong (Tibetan Yoga) and Meditation sessions each Tuesday morning from 9:30-11:00 am. Registration is optional for these classes, drop in’s are welcome.

Weekly Classes

For those interested in exploring Tibetan Buddhist teachings and practices, come to one of our weekly class series. These series meet once a week in the evenings, and are generally 6-8 weeks in duration.  They explore one topic in some depth, and include a meditation at the beginning of the class followed by a teaching and discussion. They are held on Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday evenings, and will be taught for various levels of practitioner – introductory, some background and advanced.  These classes can be attended in person or online, through live stream video and audio and video recordings that are available for you to view at your convenience. New students are invited to attend the first class series on a donation basis.


To explore a practice in more depth, 4 and 5-day retreats are held two to three times a year.  These retreats are non-residential, generally from 10am-5pm daily. The retreats include teaching and meditation, and are an invaluable way to deepen your experience and understanding.  In addition, a 7-day all-sangha retreat is held annually which is open to practitioners with some experience, and can be attended on a residential or commuting basis.

Study Programs

For the dedicated practitioner who would like to study and integrate the teachings and practices more fully, a series of progressive multi-year programs provide a unique opportunity for in-depth study and guidance within a supportive cohort of fellow students.

The programs range from the introductory teachings to the full range of advanced practices taught in the traditional three-year retreat. They are a unique opportunity to deepen spiritual practice and understanding while in the midst of your daily life.

Daylongs, Workshops and Special Events

Periodically daylongs, workshops and special events are held on a variety of topics and interests, including writing workshops, movement, music and speakers.  Please see our calendar of events for current offerings.

Please see the FAQ’s page for more information on class and membership logistics.

Make a Contribution

Giving is not just about making a donation, it is about making a difference.


Get Involved

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