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We invite you to experience Sukhasiddhi classes and offerings by recording. These classes and retreats were offered originally as in-person or online events, and the recordings were then edited for later viewers. Sukhasiddhi recordings are done by volunteers, so the camera work can at times be uneven, but quickly stabilizes. The teachings they contain are, however, of the highest quality. Thank you for your support!

Try These Meditations

Vajrayana Buddhism includes both calm-abiding meditation and creative visualization meditations, known as Yidam practices. Through focused attention, visualization, mantra, and silent meditation these practices reduce anxiety, worry and fear, connecting us to the boundless, unbiased compassion that is our true radiant nature. All are free.

Learning to Abide in Peace and Ease

Learn to bring the mind to peace and stillness in this calm abiding meditation.

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Tara Who Dispels Epidemics Meditation

In this practice, we call upon Tara to enact her activity of dispelling epidemics, activating our own innate healing capacities.

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A Calm Abiding and Green Tara Meditation

We bring the mind to peace and stillness and call on the feminine manifestation of compassion to aid us in relieving fear and anxiety.

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Chenrezig Meditation

The Chenrezig meditation transforms our distorted view of self and helps us recognize our innate radiant, compassionate nature.

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Essential Elements of Vajrayana Buddhism

Vajrayana Buddhism is a precise and profound spiritual technology that is based on lineage—a living stream of teaching, designed to take students from the gross level of mind to the most subtle levels. These one to two hour teachings cover some of the most essential aspects of Vajrayana philosophy.

An Introduction to Vajrayana

An overview of the Vajrayana path, a precise and profound spiritual technology that is based on a living stream of teaching.

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Refuge, Bodhicitta and Dedication

Prayers that all beings find happiness and liberation and that we might attain enlightenment for the benefit of all beings.

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The Eight Worldly Dharmas (Concerns)

Lama Döndrup explains how we cycle through eight primary concerns as we try to hold tight to pleasure and push away pain.

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The Five Skandhas: The Process of Consciousness

Understanding the process of our moment-to-moment experience to see that it is always workable, malleable, and not solid.

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Kalu Rinpoche on the Foundations of Dharma Practice

 Kalu Rinpoche offers his heartfelt advice on what is important in practice, how to look at our thoughts and bring genuine honesty and integrity into our practice.

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Kalu Rinpoche on Shamatha Practice and the Nature of Mind

Kalu Rinpoche offers a teaching on Shamatha (calm abiding), the practice of bringing the mind to stillness.

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Kalu Rinpoche on the Essential Principles of Deity Practice

Kalu Rinpoche offers a teaching on doing deity practice and leads a supplication to the wisdom dakini Niguma.

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Kalu Rinpoche: Experiences of a Dharma Practitioner

Kalu Rinpoche gives a personal and intensely compassionate talk on the path of dharma and its challenges.

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Engaging with the World Through Spiritual Practice

Through 45 years of Buddhist practice and study in Vajrayana, Susan Shannon has truly taken her spiritual practice into the world, including serving as the Buddhist Chaplain to the men in San Quentin State Prison and on Death Row. In these audio recordings, Susan explores the teachings that have inspired her life and service.

Restorative Justice as a Spiritual Practice

Susan Shannon explores how Restorative Justice can lead to spiritual transformation by deepening our interconnectedness with each other and our planet.

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Shantideva’s Way of the Bodhisattva

In these five audio sessions, Susan Shannon introduces us to the tools that Shantideva offers in the Buddhist classic The Way of the Bodhisattva.

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The Cornerstones of Awakening

Susan Shannon explores the opportunities for expanding our practice by utilizing the tools offered to us in the main tenets of Buddhist teachings.

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The Four Immeasurables: Key to Cultivating a Kind Heart

Susan Shannon explores how we can experience Loving Kindness, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy, and Equanimity in our daily lives.

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Deepening Meditation Skills and Understanding

Repetition is the key to deepening meditation. In these meditation series, Lama Döndrup provides teachings and leads the meditations in a way that deepens their understanding, symbolism and purpose.

Introduction to Calm-Abiding (Shamatha) Meditation Series

Seven sessions on the practice of bringing the mind to stillness.

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Green Tara Meditation Series

Six 50-minute sessions cultivating a relationship with Green Tara, the feminine embodiment of boundless compassion.

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Twenty-One Praises of Tara Meditation Series

These seven sessions help practitioners cultivate a relationship with Tara and each of her 21 forms.

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Lujong – Training the Wisdom Body

Lujong practice (Tibetan yoga) can help invigorate our body and mind and center and stabilize our being to support physical, mental and emotional well-being.

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Deeper Studies Series

These series of teachings establish a strong foundation for understanding Vajrayana Buddhism.

The Five Wisdoms I: Working with Difficult Emotions

The teaching of the Five Wisdoms is a way to access our innate nature and recognize the wisdom that lies dormant within each emotion.

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The Five Wisdoms II: Working with Difficult Emotions

A continuation of the Five Wisdom teachings that help us liberate the contracted energy of emotions in order to find clarity and equanimity.

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Jewels of the Shangpa Kagyu Lineage

In this seven-session series, Lama Döndrup leads an exploration of the meaning of lineage and the originators and masters of the Shangpa Kagyu lineage.

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The Twelve Links of Dependent Origination

In this six-session course, Lama Döndrup offers an in-depth exploration of the essence of the Buddhist teachings, the 12 Links of Dependent Origination.

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Vajrayana Theory

In these seven sessions, Lama Döndrup offers an in-depth teaching on Vajrayana theory and method, the components of Vajrayana practice, and their spiritual meanings and purpose.

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Teachings with Prerequisites

The following teachings have requirements for enrollment, which are explained in the course descriptions:

Medicine Buddha Online Retreat

In this 10-hour teaching, Lama Döndrup explains the Medicine Buddha practice which helps us to uncover and access our innate capacity to heal.

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The Shangpa Tonglen from the Wisdom Dakini Niguma

This extraordinary form of Tonglen comes from an enlightened woman of the 11th century named Niguma.

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