Sukhasiddhi Foundation Vision

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Sukhasiddhi Foundation is a spiritual center in the Vajrayana/Tibetan Buddhist tradition that offers a guided path of embodied wisdom, compassion, and kindness through a complete cycle of timeless practices, rooted in the divine feminine, that are relevant to life and the world today. Specifically, Sukhasiddhi Foundation offers an untainted transmission of the unbroken Shangpa and Karma Kagyu lineages in an environment which is imbued with safety, awareness, and heartfulness, allowing people of all gender identifications to develop their innate qualities and in turn to come into greater service the world.

The heart of our offerings comes from the Shangpa lineage. This feminine lineage dates back to the 11th century; the time of two Kashmiri Mahasiddhas, Niguma and Sukhasiddhi. This lineage is historically non-sectarian, non-dogmatic, and its inclusive teachings are a stream that flows through all lineages of Tibetan Buddhism. The profound teachings of these awakened dakinis are pith, elegant, and penetrate straight to the heart of the matter, making them an accessible, relevant, and efficacious method as we engage in the world today. Lama Palden, the founder of Sukhasiddhi Foundation has said, “The Shangpa lineage is a huge gift for our time. I think that the feminine yogic teachings were supposed to come out now…. The Shangpa teachings and practices really cut through to the essential reality, to the nature of mind, to Mahamudra. They are more like the high mountain lakes as opposed to the monasteries and villages – in the yogic sense of the freedom and beauty and wildness. There is a wild beauty in them, and an openness – that wide openness of the high mountain lakes.”

Our aim at Sukhasiddhi is to integrate this profound, ancient wisdom and spiritual technology with modern scientific and psychological understanding. Through engaging with the practices and one another, we cultivate self-reflection, emotional awareness, maturity, and conscious, skillful communication. We devote time to personal and group practice which gives us access to this open, free nature of mind and provides the space for us to discover our innate awakened qualities. This unfolding of our true nature allows us to then engage compassionately and productively in the world.

The course of study at Sukhasiddhi begins with the cultivation of individual attention, which opens to a deepening understanding of our interdependence at all levels of our human experience—sexual, familial, social, cultural, ecological, and more. This deep experiential understanding of our interconnectedness then lays the ground for the practice of the Higher Yoga Tantra and their quickening skillful means, which reveals our ultimate nature as never being separate from our present embodiment.

Sukhasiddhi Foundation aims to be at the forefront of Buddhist organizations who are offering a full spectrum of teachings for anyone who wishes to engage in practices that benefit their communities, their world. We will be a home for inter-spiritual conversations, promoting tolerance and respect for all traditions, peoples and cultures. We are and will continue to be a repository of the Shangpa lineage teachings and practices. With the vision of a world that is guided by the qualities of wisdom, ethics, love and kindness, we are committed to the path of awakening in order to accomplish well-being for all.