Sukhasiddhi’s Dharma Training Program Now Accepting Applications


Sukhasiddhi will be offering a new cycle of the Dharma Training Program for those who are interested in exploring and deepening dharma practice and want to be part of a spiritual community of like-minded individuals. This program will introduce a variety of Buddhist teachings and practices, and will support each person to choose and practice an authentic path in the midst of work and family commitments. Practices are designed to be relevant to the needs of our current times.

“I like that Lama Döndrup and Lama Pat have both integrated whatever is going on in the world with what we are doing in the program,” said program participant Sean Lim.

Participant Jenny Kimball has found the practices taught immediately useful for daily life challenges. “With all that’s going on in the world, the yidam practices have been particularly helpful, because there’s a point where you can welcome everyone, including people you’re having difficulty with, into the practice,” said Jenny. “That’s so profound for a time like this, because there are so many voices in the world that are so difficult to hear — that are so destructive. These times are stressful, but not nearly as stressful as if I didn’t have that kind orientation.”

The Dharma Training Program is divided into three-month modules, three to four times a year. Each module includes:

—The Sukhasiddhi Sundays Series which can be attended in person (post-pandemic), by live streaming or by listening to the recordings
—Three monthly, two-hour dharma practice sessions to help integrate the dharma teachings into daily life
—One daylong per quarter
—Online course offerings on the topics included in the program
—A private interview with a Sukhasiddhi lama, which can be in person or by phone

The heart of each module will be the Sukhasiddhi Sunday teachings with Lama Döndrup, where participants learn a specific meditation practices andreceive teachings that are a part of the DTP curriculum. These topics will be further discussed in monthly dharma practice discussion sessions with Lama Pat that specifically are geared towards integrating the teachings and practices into daily life in order to come into a lived understanding of the teachings.

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