Sukhasiddhi Foundation, founded in 1996, provides a vehicle for the teaching and practice of Tibetan Buddhism in the West.

Under the guidance of Lama Palden Drolma, we offer a range of classes, daylongs, retreats, and study programs for students at all levels. Our emphasis is on the cultivating of wisdom and love, both on the cushion and in the midst of our ordinary lives.

The teachings at Sukhasiddhi are focused on facilitating students’ full and complete awakening – through engagement with meditation and other spiritual practices and by studying the profound teachings of the Buddha and those great gurus who have come after him.

The teachings and practices support students to recognize and unwind the unhealthy habitual patterns that block us from recognizing and appreciatng the true nature of ourselves and reality.

The teachings are offered in a loving and joyful environment in which teachers and community members offer each other respect, support and friendship.

The lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, or what is called Vajrayana in the tradition, offers us an unbroken stream of blessings from the Buddha down to this day, enabling us to practice deeply in the midst of our everyday experience. These practices, culminating in Mahamudra and Dzogchen, provide a path to the understanding and realization of our innate awakened nature.


Sukhasiddhi Foundation’s Core Values

Our commitment is to the study, dedicated practice, and embodiment of the path of Vajrayana. This commitment manifests as:

Honoring the feminine principles of openness, relatedness, peace, harmony, natural unfolding, embracing, nourishing, unconditional love, and wisdom;

Embracing the masculine principles of clarity, one-pointed concentration, grounded strength, skillful activity, organizing, discernment, and creativity;

Bringing the inner feminine and masculine principles into harmony, fruition, and union. Integrating spirit, psyche, and body and integrating practice with everyday life;

Practicing being a good world citizen by: caring for our mother earth, ourselves, and each other; honoring the equality of all being; practicing generosity towards all beings; and acting with integrity, truthfulness, and honesty;

Facilitating the unwinding and releasing of unhealthy habitual patterns, as well as taking responsibility for our own body, speech, and mind;

Developing courage, self-reliance, confidence and flexibility;

Facilitating the bringing to consciousness of the student’s own innate wisdom; and

Cultivating a conscious spiritual community within an environment of support, friendship, and mutual respect that encourages open, direct and loving communication, and enhances compassion, loving kindness, fulfillment, gratitude and joy.

Sukhasiddhi Foundation’s ethical principles and procedures