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If you are a student at Sukhasiddhi, or are interested in joining, Lama Döndrup, Lama Tashi, and Lama Pat are available for consultation regarding your spiritual practice. Consultations are up to 50 minutes, by phone or zoom, and a donation is required.  The suggested range for consultations is $108-$225. For a private consultation, please fill out the contact form on this page. 

Please let us know in your request which Lama you would like to meet with and a brief description of your spiritual background if you are new to Sukhasiddhi Foundation. If the suggested range is not affordable, please mention this in the email and let us know what you can offer.  Best days and times would also be helpful.

A private consultation with Lama Palden can be made through  the Spiritual Counseling section of her website:  Please note the payment and cancellation policies at the bottom of the spiritual counseling page.

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