The Shangpa Program

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Teachings and Practices in the Shangpa Lineage

Once the ngondro practices are completed, students may apply for the Shangpa Training Program, a four-five year program of successive teachings and meditation practices from the Shangpa Lineage.

This level of practice includes meditations on Chakrasamvara and Vajra Yogini, as well as the wisdom dakini Sukhasiddhi’s Six Yogas. This in depth yogic meditation training focuses on the heart of the meditations done in Shangpa three-year retreat.

This training requires the willingness and steadfast effort to process the psychological and spiritual issues that come up with intensive spiritual practice. Any issues that hinder or block the participants realization and unique gifts from unfolding will come up and need to be processed consciously. This allows for the individual’s joy, peace, and other qualities to manifest.

Students move towards and into realization of true nature, the nondual reality of truth. In addition to formal practice, songs of realization and aspiration prayers from the awakened lamas of the lineages continue to inform and enliven one’s path, enhancing understanding and realization.

The next Shangpa program is scheduled to begin in 2020.  If you are interested in joining the Shangpa Program when it starts in 2020, please contact Below is an overview of the program’s study and practices.

Shangpa Student Study and Practices

Continued  intensive training and meditation occur to deepen intellectual understanding, liberate limiting habit patterns  and to bring realization. Creation and completion stage meditation (yidam practice) focuses on complete transformation of identity and perception, and liberation of ordinary body, speech and mind into awakened body, speech, and mind.  Yidam practice joins shunyata (emptiness) understanding with manifestation of pure being.

Students continue to deepen realization and stabilize the integration of shamatha and vipashyana. Sutra, Essence and Mantra Mahamudra provide direct pointing out instructions for the realization of true nature. This brings dedicated meditators  into realization and awakening to reality as it is. Once there is realization, students work on stabilization or actualization- the capacity to rest in true nature throughout the day and night . Hindrances and enhancements are studied and worked with in practice and in moment to moment daily life in training.

Additional Study Topics

  • Certainty
  • Confidence
  • Buddha Families in relationship to Mahamudra


  • Lha Shi Dril Drup
  • Advanced Yidam practice
  • Mahamudra
  • Six Arm Mahakala (Chagdrukpa)
  • Six Yogas of Sukhasiddhi

Specific to the Shangpa Student:

  • Individual formal agreement with Lama Palden as one’s primary teacher, or as secondary teacher with approval from Lama Palden
  • Individual meeting with Lama Palden twice yearly
  • Self retreats as well as Sukhasiddhi group retreats
  • Studying and maintaining the Tantric Vows

Continuing Commitments:

  • Taking the appropriate empowerments and teachings
  • Engaging in daily meditation practice
  • Maintaining Refuge and Bodhisattva Vows
  • Developing the Paramitas:
    1. generosity
    2. ethics and manners
    3. patience
    4. joyful effort or diligence
    5. meditative concentration
    6. discriminating awareness born from wisdom
  • Lifetime dedication to one’s Samaya commitments
  • Participating in the Sukhasiddhi annual residential retreat
Application Process

To join the program, interested participants will complete an application form and will then have an interview with a Sukhasiddhi teacher.

If you have completed the Shangpa Ngondro practices and are interested in joining the Shangpa Program in 2020, please contact