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Beyond Ngondro: Following the Path to Realization of True Nature

Sukhasiddhi Foundation announces the Shangpa Program, a multi-year program of study beginning August 3, 2020 led by Lama Palden Drolma and Lama Tashi.

It offers those seeking deeper understanding and practice of Tibetan Buddhism:

  • a unique opportunity to learn rare meditations and teachings from two enlightened Buddhist women of the 10th century – Sukhasiddhi and Niguma
  • 2 to 6 years of progressive teachings and practices from the Shangpa Kagyu Lineage
  • yogic training focusing on the heart of meditations done in 3-year Shangpa retreat

Taking applications now.  Deadline July 5, 2020,

Shangpa Program Overview

The Sukhasiddhi Foundation Shangpa program encompasses the essence of the practice curriculum of the traditional three-year three-month intensive Vajrayana retreat that provides advanced,  in-depth spiritual training in the lineage. The next Shangpa Program, a two to six-year program commencing in August 2020, is for students who have completed the Ngondro practices. The Shangpa program offers a unique and precious opportunity to develop a deep, profound spiritual awareness while in the midst of everyday life.

The Shangpa program proceeds step by step through an extraordinary set of practices that when engaged in with sincerity and with appropriate transmissions and guidance, helps to:

  • Liberate one’s ignorance of the nature of reality, as well as liberate the unhelpful habitual patterns and conditioning that have arisen based on ignorance.
  • Differentiate illusions from genuine reality, constructions from truth.
  • Increasingly rest in and “enjoy the view” of our direct experience, free of illusions and habitual patterns.
  • Transform one’s psychophysical system to bring us to directly experience and abide in the true nature of ourselves and all that is.

For a full description of the program, retreat dates and costs, please click here.  The next Shangpa program is scheduled to begin in August, 2020.  If you are interested in joining the program, please complete an application form.  Thank you very much!

Study and Practices
  • The first two years of the program will focus on Yidam practices including the Lha Shi Fivc Deities Practice, Tonglen, the Extraordinary practices, and Lojong mind training.
  • In year three, approved participants will move into the Six Yogas of Sukhasiddhi, with intense focus on tummo,
  • Year four will focus on Gyu Lu and Milam,
  • Year five will focus on Osel, Bardo, Phowa.
  • In year six participants will move into Mila Lha Drup and Kagyu and Shangpa Mahamudra.

The program will include the following each year:

  • Periodic retreats, including residential and non-residential (all online in 2020
  • 4 online interviews with Lama Palden
  • 2-hour personal daily meditation practice
  • Self-organized group practice
  • Self-retreats as well as the program retreats

Prerequisites for joining the program:

  • Completion of the Ngondro practices
  • Maturity and psychological stability
  • Commitment to the first two years of the program
  • Financial ability to pay
  • Completing the online application, an interview with a lama and  approval to enter the program, completion of the program agreement

The Shangpa program provides an extraordinary opportunity to receive and engage in the profound meditation practices usually only done in long retreat. But the program is rigorous, and the practices are designed to bring up deep issues that hinder or block the participants realization. Program participation requires:

  • a strong, clear sense of priorities and a very real commitment to spiritual practice is needed.
  • the willingness and steadfast effort to process the psychological and spiritual issues that come up with intensive spiritual practice.
  • Ability to consciously process the issues that come up, with yourself, with other participants and with Lama Palden

This will allow for the individual’s true joy, peace, and unique qualities to manifest, and allows one to work and enjoy family life while practicing deeply.

Application Process

If you have completed the Shangpa Ngondro practices and are interested in joining the Shangpa Program in 2020, please complete the online application form and we will be in touch shortly to set up your interview.  Please see the full program description here.

Thank you very much. If you have questions, please contact