Karma: Empowering Compassionate Action

As our human family faces multiple challenges resulting from an accumulation of our past collective actions, it is a good time to reflect on how we might make our current actions contribute to a more wholesome direction in the future. With this in mind, in the upcoming Sukhasiddhi Sunday series, as an extension of the recent series on the 12 Links of Interdependent Origination, we

An Interview with Sukhasiddhi Board Member Gary Buck

What originally attracted you to Sukhasiddhi that led you to serving on the board? My own Buddhist practice began in the Theravaden tradition, then a stretch in Zen, and when I found my way to the Vajrayana it became my home in practice. I was involved with Lama Palden for a number of years in her Diamond Logos class, and have done a few retreats

Sukhasiddhi’s Dharma Training Program Now Accepting Applications

Sukhasiddhi will be offering a new cycle of the Dharma Training Program for those who are interested in exploring and deepening dharma practice and want to be part of a spiritual community of like-minded individuals. This program will introduce a variety of Buddhist teachings and practices, and will support each person to choose and practice an authentic path in the midst of work and family

Lama Palden Drolma on Using Covid Confinement to Clear Out Habitual Patterns

During these times, many of us are slowed down and fenced in, whether alone or with family, and this can make us much more aware of our shortcomings and unhealthy habit patterns — the way our mind can go into “bad neighborhoods,” and be afraid, negative, depressed or anxious. While this can be painful, we can use our increased awareness as a base for Vajrasattva